I believe yoga is the entry point to invite curiosity and strength in your life path and an opportunity to develop a constructive relationship with yourself.

I discovered yoga in 2010 when living in Asia. My practice soon became a daily ritual which turned into a self-discovery journey.

Since, I never left the mat.

Yoga: my story


Like many people, I started yoga for the physical benefits. I approached the practice with curiosity (and intention: get myself a cool yoga body).

Few months down the line, I was hooked: yoga became a ritual of creating a little space for myself. I discovered the sensation of feeling strong and calm at the same time. I could find moments of silence where as little as a few seconds were enough for me to envision a constructive relationship with myself.

When one of my teachers persuaded me to take her meditation classes, the same silent spot showed up. But that time, I could hold it long enough to slowly change my perspective on life.

My yoga practice brought me back to my core. It made me feel strong in my body yet simultaneously soft and more accepting with myself and others. And it introduced me to gratitude.

This is why I practice and teach vinyasa yoga (YTT 200H Yoga Alliance certification).


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