Conversations to inspire

Whether you discuss performance, change and innovative ideas, team motivation, or the effects of stress at work… a conversation is always about people.

Beyond a simple update on “what’s going on”, it’s a unique moment for the teams to share their stories. And for their leaders, it’s opportunity to encourage self-reflection and find different ways to invite collective performance.

How I can help you


If you would like to open a safe space for your teams and their leaders to augment your teams’ human skills, invite emotional intelligence and inspire individual development, I offer tailor-made workshops and talks (in English and French). Supercharge your workforce’s interpersonal relationships!


Examples of topics I usually cover:

– What it takes to be comfortable with change and disruption

– Why stress management is the next employee engagement challenge 

– What is Emotional Intelligence and how to make it work for your teams

– The neuroscience of motivation

– Using risk management as a tool for growth  


What can you expect?


– A session to be based on your team’s history and specific needs

– An engaging speaker opening a safe space for your leaders to embrace self-exploration

– Quick wins to implement immediately

– A highly interactive session o inspire your leaders to question their style

– Thought-provoking stories from top leaders in their industries

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– Leadership That Creates Trust –


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