Marketing is everywhere online. Nearly every page is designed to get to action. Funnels drive you towards the next product. Even emails are a form of advertising nowadays!

We are constantly under marketing pressure: you…me…your clients.

In such a busy place as the web, how do you make sure you remain visible, and unique?

Strong marketing strategy? Sure, it will put your “conceptual product” to the best target “paying client” Social media and some SEO tricks? They are very useful to get you exposure.

Branding? Now, we are talking!

Have you ever thought about why your fans click, tweet or like your posts?


You might think it’s the result of a carefully crafted marketing strategy.

But there is something deeper to that. The most important thing is that people like you. They like what you say, they like your style and they feel confident in you. That’s why they share. They like the community that gravitates around you, and feel good enough to interact with it.

One of your priorities in your entrepreneurial journey is to build a brand people can easily relate to. And in branding, aligning your core values to your intentions is a must-do.

Let’s see how it works in practice.

Inspire Trust


People will come to you if they trust you. Your immediate aura should be friendly, sincere and helpful. Try to engage as much as you can. Talk, tweet, answer, broadcast… and give them value (for free). Show your intention and why it matters to you.

Who to learn from? By Regina

Regina targets “infopreneurs and bloggers”. If you are one of those, go there. If you are not, go there too. Everyone, observe. When you land on her homepage, quite instantly, you feel at home, chatting with a good old friend. One of those who can help you out of any crappy situation. Isn’t it the best element to trust a business partner?

For instance, how can she “help your brand stand out?”

Friendly, sincere, helpful. That’s it.

Now, how to use the “trust” element at best for your business?

Use a powerful Message


It’s essential to make your message deep, and connected. With so much on the web, your clients are very exposed to marketing. They can spot fake messages miles away!

Connect to the problem you want to solve for them when you pitch your product. Ensure your message is clear and consistent with the actions you want your clients to take.

For instance, if you think simplicity is the way forward, but your website is packed with ads and your engagement style is a “2 emails a day funnel”, you will damage trust, that took so long to build. And worse: lose credibility.

Who to learn from? Enchanting Marketing (Henneke Duistermaat)

Not only Henneke is a fairy when it comes to copywriting, but she positions her message in such a smooth way that you can’t but surrender to it. Each post, each email reflects her personal values. Henneke built a following of raving fans with the power of her message, and I’m sure it was a core part of her branding strategy.

Just look at her recent post on how to be unique.

Develop your Authority


Testimonials are good, but when you’re starting out they are not that easy to come by. You grow based on results, not promises. Don’t compromise on quality. Show you have standards and that you respect them. If you are good at something, expose it. Get your clients to talk about it. Word of mouth is always best.

If there is a topic you don’t know well yourself, don’t BS. Invite someone who has the core knowledge, and let her have the first role. Humility and patience are key to grow your influence.

Who to learn from? Problogger (Darren Rowse)

Problogger is THE reference when it comes to blogging and having a space on the web. Problogger has an answer for any question you can think of about a web-based business. How did they get there? Nothing complicated.

Darren Rowse’s Twitter banner says it all: “Awesomeness is the accumulation of value you create over time.”

If you want authority, start with those 7 strategies for growing community on your blog.

But how can you use authority to multiply your influence?

Tune in Networking


Your network is a decisive element for business growth. It gets people to act as transmitters for your message, as they spread the word of authority. It’s an impressively efficient process.

Reaching out is an active effort. A simple networking strategy where you know who you want to connect with, and why it matters for your audience is a minimum. Once you have a solid base, nurturing those relationships will ensure your connections can grow organically.

Who to follow? Smart Business Revolution (John Corcoran)

John wrote for the White House when he was only 23 years old, and got there only by the power of his connections. He’s one of those guys who got on the web relatively recently, and in less than 2 years, he’s completely dominating his niche. If you don’t believe – yet – that half of the money is in your connections rather than in your product, you are making a big mistake.

“A Powerful Personal Network Will Make the Difference between Rich and Being Ignored”

The “how to” guide is here, btw

You won’t tell you did not know…


Authenticity and consistency are your most powerful allies in your business’ journey. And if you want to make a lasting impact, your actions should reflect the exact value you want your audience to connect to.


What values do you use to build your brand? Share your favourite in the comments.

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