80% of workers in the USA report they’re stressed at work, and that’s even worse amongst their leaders.

Yes, leadership stress is real 

Team messages. One on one chat. Meetings. Mentoring. And when the workday is over, social media takes over. LinkedIn notifications, anyone? The unprecedented busyness of our modern-day lives finally catches up on the way we feel and behave.


We turn more reactive and less proactive.


But there’s a solution to reclaim authenticity and achieve work-life alignment. And it’s been around for a few thousand years.

Mindfulness. Mindfulness rituals for leaders do work. That old set of techniques are just enough to help you create a short discernment gap between an event or stimulus and your response to it.

In that short time, you have all the difference between acting out of emotion and inviting patience in. It’s a one-second lead over your mind, your emotions, your world. One that makes you think: I can boost my inner strength.


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At a personal level, having mindfulness rituals help relax the body and practitioners experience better degrees of concentration.

At work, mindfulness is the sure path to meaningful interactions. Mindfulness rituals for leaders help them have a deeper understanding of where their teams are at. As a result, mindful leaders display higher levels of empathy. They manage a delicate balance between productivity when all goes well, and motivation at bad times. They’re known to be outstanding listeners, creating conversations that deepen trust. And they’ve known for long that intuition is the ideal asset for leaders.

You have different ways to start your mindfulness rituals for leaders. And if you worry about the need to increase your willpower or self-discipline to get there, worry not: you won’t need more than 5 to 10 minutes every day.

Mindfulness can give you exactly what you need to handle the ups and downs of office culture, improve employees’ sense of well-being and therefore their performance.


No reason not to try any of those 8 mindfulness rituals for leaders then!


Mindfulness rituals for leaders: infographics


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