I know “taking the lead” can be intimidating

Hey, we’re all humans! We have to deal with our own reality and our emotions before we get a chance to interact with anything or anyone else.

Yet, whether you lead a team, a business, a career… there’s an element of result to achieve.


How to reconcile the two?


From my own experience, navigating leadership is all about strengthening your inner game first. That’s how you build the confidence to interact with complex situations, people or even your own ideas. That’s how you embrace change, deal with crisis or unite teams together in a mindful yet powerful way. And that’s how you use it all as you navigate your entrepreneurial journey!

I created this platform to share my story and experience ; hoping it will help you build confidence in yourself and inspiration in others.

Hi, I’m Coralie


My journey of life sent me as far as Singapore, Paris, London, Geneva and even Egypt!

For most of my career in the corporate world, I acted as change leader. My job was to transform International Banks from the inside out ; making big change work for both the company and its teams.


Then Yoga – the other pillar of my journey – happened. Yoga framed my life in a healthy way, introduced me to self-inquiry and helped me understand how my emotions could impact my choices.

Years of practice later, a trip to New Orleans made me realise I had a wellness travel vision deep inside: uniting yoga, sublime landscapes and the joy of sharing good times together.

That defining moment resulted in my decision to become a yoga teacher. It planted the seed for the entrepreneurial journey I was about to embark on. And it made me think of the leadership style I wanted to exhibit leading the company that would become Yoäg: human, mindful yet performant.


My journey encompasses a corporate career, entrepreneurship and following the eightfold path of Yoga. 

All taught me so much about leadership, trust and more than anything about myself that I decided to share it on that platform. My turn to give back!


I live and work in Europe. When I’m not at my desk (or on my mat), you can find me in the woods (with my better half Nic or with my horse Flo), in my garden or in my kitchen!

If you’re a social animal…

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