I believe anyone can develop the confidence to take action and make a positive life change when it’s needed


I created this platform because I know that making change work for you is not easy

Yet, there’s little practical advice to help you tap into your inner resources when you need it the most:

– navigate your inner landscape and understand what stands in your way

– create the right space for you to make a positive mindset shift

– build trust in yourself to get over self doubt and take brave action

I spent more than 15 years building teams and mentoring people in complex, international and challenging environments. I blended my experience with the latest thinking in neuroscience and behavioural science to help them become confident risk takers, creative change makers and engaging leaders.


I can help you do exactly the same.

Hi, I’m Coralie

My journey of life sent me as far as Singapore, Paris, London, Geneva, and Egypt!

As a change leader, my job was to transform International Banks from the inside out. I showed their teams what to do to make big changes work for them as employees and “real people”. That’s how I got my first mentees!

Yoga – that I practice and teach – is the other pillar of my journey. Yoga gave me a framework for a healthy lifestyle, helped me understand how my emotions impacted the way I made choices and taught me to put my inner leader in charge of my life path.

Change delivery and Yoga have a lot in common! They taught me that the starting point for a positive change in your outer world is to create the right conditions in your inner world.

My work is a continuation of both. A unique way for brave souls to get real about who they are, access their inner resources and dare to make a positive impact in their lives.

I live and work in Europe. When I’m not at my desk (or on my mat), you can find me tending my garden or wandering in the woods (with my better half Nic or with my horse Flo)


Holy Kids smiling

I’m from France

Addicted to travelling

Coconut fan

My horse loves selfies

How can you get started (for free)?

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3. Listen to this interview,

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4. Reach out to take a yoga class

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