Innovation is on the strategic agenda of each and every company. Yet, only 6% of executives are satisfied with their innovation performance.

That’s a fact no one can ignore.

Despite all the attention to innovation, it remains a challenge for leaders to switch on innovative thinking.

See, to become an innovative leader, there are a lot of things you need to get right: see beyond the now, inspire others to do the same, and then go through a long tunnel of trial and error. Not quite a walk in the park!

Wish you could promote innovative thinking and make innovation part of your daily experience?


Here are 8 podcasts for leaders to switch on innovative thinking.



HBR Ideacast


HBR Ideacast podcast


Harvard Business Review’s Ideacast is a weekly podcast featuring insights of leading thinkers in a variety of creative and business fields. Expect discussions spanning across various themes such as being happy at work, navigating change and embracing disruption, and pragmatic tips for leaders to switch on innovative thinking for their teams, themselves or the company they’re in.


Start here: How Companies Get Creativity Right (and Wrong)

Beth Comstock, the first female vice chair at General Electric, believes innovation begins with change management. Want to innovate faster than your competitors? Tune in.



Decode Recode


Decode recode podcast


Decode Recode is the favourite podcast of my better half. Tech-focused, it’s a series of interviews with the world’s most influential tech leaders. A gem of insights, info and serious questions on themes as vast as start ups funding, fake news or global movements. The one to pick up for leaders to switch on innovative thinking on demand.


Start here: The 10 2018 Recode podcasts you really shouldn’t miss

It was too hard to select one! So here’s the 2018 best of. Elon Musk, John Carreyrou (from Theranos) or Mark Zuckerberg… follow this link and you’ll get enough to keep you hooked for a full long-distance flight.



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How I built this



I do like this How I built this because it shows you what goes behind the scenes of the most creative companies. As Guy Raz dives into their stories, discover how leaders switch on innovative thinking, become innovators and build global movements.


Start here: Canva: Melanie Perkins

Who hasn’t heard of Canva, the genius platform that can transform anyone into a designer? Well, meet Melanie Perkins, the genius behind it.






The A16Z podcast covers tech and culture trends, news, and “the future”. Sure, it’s a little techy and slightly nerdy. But if you want to get real about the real concepts beyond innovation trends and switch on innovative thinking for real, then that’s the one to listen to.


Start here: Ancient Dreams of Technology, Gods & Robots

A fun discussion about artificial life, technology and other inventions from old times (think ancient Greeks and Romans). What if those early imaginations had shaped the way we do tech and innovate today?


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Innovation crush


Innovation crush podcast

Innovation Crush is all about ideas and the people behind them. Showcasing all sorts of projects that disrupt for real, this podcast will show you why an idea – as little as a thought – can become something big enough to impact the world.


Start here: Alex Bodman – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotify Mind

As I write right now, Spotify is playing in the background! How does the company remain creative in an industry where trends can last as little as a few days? Alex Bodman, who leads Spotify’s Global Creative for marketing and communications, takes you behind the scenes of the streaming giant.



Intelligence squared



Before being a podcast, Intelligence Squared is a series of conferences where you can expect to hear the likes of Malala or Sheryl Sandberg. The podcast is a fair extension of the live version. Not 100% innovation focused, but a great place to understand the forces that shape the world we live in and what could be the entry point to disrupt it. Another great one that will get any leader to switch on innovative thinking.


Start here: Blockchain: Quantum leap forward or digital snake oil?

Who hasn’t heard of blockchain? Its fervent evangelists pretend it’s the one precursor to revolutionise the world we live in. Other thought leaders doubt the need for such technology. What about you? A great debate to make up your own idea!



The Long Now



The Long Now will prompt you to think about time in the frame of centuries and generations (rather than weeks and months). Exploring art, design, history, nature and technology ; each of these interviews will leave you thinking: how the one action I take today can affect my great-great grandchildren?


Start here: Martin Rees – Prospects for Humanity

Martin Rees is the President of the Royal Society. A lifelong career as an astrophysicist gave him wide exposure to many theories about the future. In this episode, he’s discussing their pertinence for humanity and what could be the greatest danger for our civilisation.



The innovation show




The innovation show is all about the human side of innovation: what is it we need to learn or do to be able to trigger inner change and think creatively? What do we need to disrupt in ourselves first to bring real and meaningful change? A great podcast to think differently about your potential as a human being.


Start here: Carmine Gallo on persuasion

In this interview, discover how to present a great idea so that it stands out and gets the exposure it needs to become real.

“As the forces of globalisation, automation, and artificial intelligence combine to disrupt every field and every career, having a good idea isn’t good enough”.




Do you think innovation is a skill you can build up as you work on a disruptive and agile project only? Then think twice.

It doesn’t take much for leaders to switch on innovative thinking. Cultivating an open mindset (a self-exploration routine is a great place to start) and emulating the thinking patterns of the brightest minds are more than enough to give you a “mandate to innovate”!


Do you have a favourite podcast for creativity and innovation? Drop the link in the comments below!

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