Leadership is everywhere


A simple Google search returns nearly 2 billion results!

We’re all expected to inspire, make tough choices, adapt, motivate teams, get results…. For ourselves, and others. But have you been briefed on what it takes personally to lead?

“Manage yourself, your ideas, and people (sometimes all at once) in challenging or unclear situations”

Not exactly a walk in the park…


You try hard to keep your cool when things get rough but your emotions still rule


You don’t always “get” the human element and find managing people at work difficult

You have creative ideas but struggle to make them real

I used this advice rigorously with all my teams and mentees.

And over time it became a practical method to lead with confidence

If you think about it, the challenges you face as a leader are all about

  • trusting yourself you can access a new perspective
  • trusting others to do what you can’t do yourself
  • trusting your intuition that you have enough influence to make an idea real

Yes, it all starts with TRUST.

But trust always comes from the inside out. Not the outside in.

The results that you produce in the outer world are driven by what goes on in your inner world: your mind.

That’s why you need to strengthen your inner game to build the confidence to interact with complex situations, people or even your own ideas. 

And this is exactly what the method I created can solve for you.

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Hi, I’m Coralie



coralie sawruk

I believe anyone can develop the confidence to take brave action when situations, ideas, people (or all together) get challenging.

I come from a professional change management background where I helped Financial Institutions transform their businesses from the inside out. My job was to build teams and mentor people in complex, international and challenging environments ; being myself exposed to wise leaders who became my own mentors.

They taught me that before you can lead others, you need to lead yourself.

I also teach yoga, which is another great way to explore how to take the lead! I help my students to be fit in body and achieve their inner job of emotional excellence. 

Both showed me that leadership is intensely personal. It’s to get real about your relationship with yourself, so that you can build trust in yourself and inspiration in others.

This is what I can help you with.

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