Life in the 21st century is fast-paced. Exciting for some, busy and stressful for many.

But, surprisingly, when you ask around if people are stressed at work, most claim they’re just “a bit stressed” from time to time.

If many are “just a bit stressed”, 48% of respondents of a survey in the US acknowledged that stress has a significant impact on their lives, both personally and professionally.

Take burnout, a well-known outcome of a stressful work life, and this shocking stat I read in a recent Fast Company article:

“…nearly half of HR leaders say employee burnout is responsible for up to half of their annual workforce turnover.”

Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the damage a stressful workplace can do. They’re exploring if “happy at work is possible”, and most have now implemented flexible working, wellness programs and some even promote mindfulness to build meaningful interactions.

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The worrying effects of stress on our health are well documented, from causing depression to increasing risks of cancer.

It’s also your responsibility to carve out time to relax and restore. And before work burns you out!

This infographic will show you 12 simple habits to relieve stress. They won’t take you more than a few minutes every day, they will make a big difference on your wellbeing, and even impact your productivity (so that you can leave work on time each day)!

12 simple habits to relieve stress [infographic]

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