Life of any entrepreneur comes with the gift of permanent change. It is exciting, but it means many opportunities to distract you from your direction of travel.

Embracing change as a lifestyle is not easy.

Sometimes, being your own boss feels like being in the eye of the storm. You wonder if you are going to be carried away by the whirlwind anytime.

If you want to make sure you can stand on your own two feet, you need to be as steady as thousand year old sequoias.


Having a personal strong foundation to support your business life.


A steady trunk: your intention


What’s being lost? Not knowing where to go next. Having a direction of travel in your personal life is decisive for your own sanity. Nowadays, many people start a business, but they don’t really take the time to figure out what they want for themselves.

Would the challenging life of an entrepreneur the right thing for YOU now? What about your long term goals? Are you happy doing what you do now, or at least working on it?

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Deep roots: your family


Whatever “family” means to you, you MUST surround yourself with people who will support you at all times. It could be a group of friends, your close relatives, a community…

Your family will see you as an individual as opposed to you as a business owner. Having a circle where you can be vulnerable and have a break from your challenges is an asset.

“Support” is not a synonym of “approbation” though. A close inner circle will get you back to your own reality, sometimes telling you what you don’t want to hear!

Roots are invisible, but they carry the life force of all plants and trees. As an entrepreneur, your ideas will energise you. And your family will nurture you as an individual on the way to the next big challenge.


Branches to energise your intention: your passion


Oh yes, you love working on your business. So much that you could do it all the time. (I know. That’s what you are doing already)

It feels good, but reconnecting to yourself as a person is dramatically important. You might think you leave your business problems in the office, but for many business owners, the office is at home!

Your business challenges will inevitably affect you as a person. And you need to protect yourself from them invading all of your life. At least once a week, delight yourself. Do something you love and commit to it. It could be gardening, football, music, who knows… Make it a safe place where you just feel happy. This will become your safe heaven when things won’t go as planned, and stress and anxiety could take over


Foliage to turn light into energy: exercise and health


Being an entrepreneur is a demanding marathon that will require you to be at your peak state (nearly) all the time. If you want to be there for the long run, you need to take care of yourself. A common mistake is to sacrifice everything for your business, and not maintaining the energy to carry it forward.

You must commit to love your body. Physical exercise releases endorphins, who help you feel better. This relaxes your brain and clears bad thoughts. Looking forward to a workout is a good mood lifter and the most efficient way to create healthy fatigue, which in return will help you to sleep better.

But you should not forget about your lifestyle, too. Are you eating healthily? Do you sleep enough? Do you take regular days off to help your brain to rest?

Tree leaves capture light and turn it into energy. Make sure you have everything lined up to maintain your energy power!

The blooming flowers of Success


Flowers are high up on the tree. They make the tree attractive – mostly for pollinators to do their job. Accomplished entrepreneurs are the same: they shine from the inside.

Success is the best grounder ever. Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, “Success attract success”.

Celebrating your successes, as small as they could be, has significant impact on your motivation. When you start, few people will be there to congratulate you on your progress. So each time you reach a big step, acknowledge it.

Think of the last time you were satisfied and proud of what you where doing. You just smiled and thought “I made it”. You were there, here, in the now. Looking at the top of the mountain gives you an objective to reach, but don’t forget where you come from.

Is it another stepping stone towards the future you dreamed of yesterday? Did the journey make you stronger and wiser?

If you want to grow without spreading yourself too thin, build your own tree of life: the sane support that will get you grounded at all times, whatever you have to cope with.

What is your Tree of Life made of? Add your bit of inspiration in the comments.

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