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I believe the ultimate competitive advantage is made of

the right talents working hand in hand


 Work with me

Today’s workplaces need a leadership mindset shift to be relevant in the future.

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, the demand for social skills, such as leadership and managing others, will rise by 24% by 2030.


Tomorrow’s leaders will have to lead interconnected and flexible teams, and be

agile, adopting a project-driven culture to increase streams of value and workforce motivation
human, developing the emotional and cultural intelligence to capitalise on diversity of thought
mindful, leading with inner agility to create possibility at the edge of uncertainty

It’s time to turn your workforce into leaders who act as risk takers and change makers, and value people as much as efficiency and agility.


“You can’t steer your company through constant change if you are relying on the safety of your own cruise control”

(McKinsey, Leading with inner agility)


Mentoring for leaders


An independent and mindful strategic partner who can see through your unexploited areas of performance.


Commit to an ongoing path of self-reflection and stand at the cutting edge of conscious yet efficient leadership.


Holy Kids smiling
Holy Kids smiling

Consulting for organisations


An efficient and constructive way to challenge your existing activities and achieve sustainable change.


I work with those who believe that growth, innovation and customer satisfaction happen with the right talents working hand in hand. Cheerfully.


Transform the way your people work together and create a culture of people-centric performance.


Speaking to teams


Engaging and actionable conversations to inspire your people to do better and bigger things.


Augment your teams’ human skills, invite emotional intelligence and inspire individual development.


Holy Kids smiling

I have one way of working:

Simple – Mindful – Efficient

and Engaging

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