Nowadays, vast numbers of people try to make a living online, attracting clients through digital content, products and services. With more than 40% of the world’s population now online, there is opportunity to reach everyone.

But this presents a huge challenge. First, get noticed. Second… become popular.

Have you ever wondered why some bloggers or entrepreneurs, especially on the web, attract so many clients?

Arrange an introduction to your own self

You are the heart and (probably) the face of your business. So, start with a careful exploration of who you really are.

How does your entrepreneurial journey relate to you as a person? How far will you realise yourself doing so? What personal needs will your business intention satisfy? What do you have to share that is so important to you?

Growing your business will deeply impact yourself as a person. It’s no waste of time to explore the individual you are, and want to become. Why? Because your core values are the foundation for the brand you want your clients to connect to. (And love)

Your own story shows your good intentions


Being serious about your business means having a good idea of your vision and the problem you want to resolve for your clients.

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Your adventure is unique. Find the details that will make it inspiring. If people can immediately get your intention, trust it, and connect to it, you’ve won!

Did you take the time to reflect on the story you want to tell? What got you there? What was the pivotal moment that made you say: “I need to do something about this”? How is it aligned to your personality?

Don’t be shy. Tell the truth. That’s what everyone wants to hear.

If clients do love you, they’ll tell you why


There is always a difference between what you think, and what others see of you. You can’t assume that people like you for so and so. (Your own self-perception will get in the way)

However, there is always opportunity to gather feedback. It’s just that we don’t necessarily take it.

Think of your life journey so far. What made people become friends with you? When did you get proper positive feedback last? What did they tell you when you asked: “Why is it so good to hang around with me”?

Is it because you are compassionate, funny, caring, or thoughtful? Is it because you won’t be afraid to say what you think? Is it because they know they can trust you?

Your attraction factor is hidden in all those life stories. It’s your job to find it. How?

Here’s the secret (**spoiler alert**)


Don’t assume. Validate with real individuals.

Get familiar with purple cows


Think of the food truck around the corner. It looks like any other food truck. Still, people come for a single thing that makes it special. When it sells burgers as any other food truck, what keeps people queuing? Is it because of the kindness of the owner? Is it because of a veggie choice? It is because they give back to charity? Is it because they had the best meat on the street?

Do the same work on yourself. Look at what others have to offer, and explore where you can have a special impact. Is it your story? Is it your approach? What you do? The way you do things?

This will form the core of your business, why it’s there and how it operates. Your first task is to get people to relate to you and your message. But what will get them to come back for more is what they won’t hear, feel or experience anywhere else.

Attracting customers and converting them into loyal followers is a long-term adventure. It requires your initial vision to nearly become an extension of yourself. All famous brands were developed by a very unique founder who had a deep personal intention.

Your turn to go personal. How do you nurture your clients’ feelings? Share your tips in the comments!

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