*spoiler alert* This post contains information about the location for New Media Europe 2017!

New Media Europe (NMEU for intimates) is all about “Embracing the New Media World for Business Growth”. And there’s no better way to convey its real spirit and benefits.

The co-founders Mike and Izabela Russell mixed the 2 key elements you can’t ignore if you want your business to be successful in the 21st century: new media and business growth.

Mike and Izabela structured their event around a powerful mix of inspirational keynotes from world-class influencers (day 1) and targeted mini-workshops to take real-life action (day 2). But you don’t only hear about the latest trends! Each break brings the whole audience to a cosy (and caffeinated!) place where networking opportunities are plentiful.

If you still wonder why you should attend New Media Europe next year, let me give you the 10 key reasons to book your ticket as soon as they go on sale!


Everything you need to hear to catapult your growth

Where else do you get in-depth coverage of podcasting, leadership, social media, branding, e-mail marketing, self-improvement, storytelling, PR…? New Media Europe sees the new media as the go-to tool for business growth, but doesn’t leave essentials aside.


You get inspired, then you take action

It’s fairly common to have to choose between keynotes and workshops in conferences. Splitting them in 2 different days was smart. The keynotes triggered the conversations, and the second day was opportunity to focus on how to work on your action plan.


The exact balance of keynotes and quality time

New Media Europe is large enough to attract people from all over Europe, but it remains on a human scale. You do have quality time with speakers and other attendees. You don’t really have to choose between attending a keynote from an influencer, going to a workshop, or heading to the networking area to make new connections. In NMEU, everything is set up for all to make the most of each.


New Media Europe is for everyone and every business

Some conferences target a special market, and you always balance cost with how deep you want to focus on the conference topic. At New Media Europe, there is something actionable for every business, and every business owner. I expected heavy podcast focus, and found myself getting away with snapchat storytelling, simple ways to focus on my own performance as a business owner, systemise my business or which tools can improve social media efficiency.


New Media Europe is a real family

Connection is everyone’s mantra at NMEU, and accessibility reigns. I was blown away by the quality of connections between people, and the massive engagement in the Facebook group. All attendees used it as the go-to place to take their conversations forward and keep accountability all year long.


Izabela & Mike’s newsletter is gold

Having a powerful newsletter that brings you the why’s, the how’s and the who’s in the same place is rare. Each email is a targeted dose of trends, influencers’ core messages, and tools. Mike and Izabela know that we all consume content in different ways, and chose carefully blog posts, videos, podcasts, broadcasts for maximum impact. Once you sign up for it, your pre-conference research comes straight to you.


You choose the location for the next year

Isn’t it exciting to have the own attendees picking up the place where they want to gather for the next one? Customer centric at its best!

*spoiler alert*
New Media Europe 2017 is heading to Barcelona, Berlin or Krakow.

The magnificent voice of Peter Billingham

Any keynote speaker will tell you that how you’re introduced on stage is crucial. Peter was spot on with a powerful message for each speaker. He was, too, a brilliant master of ceremony keeping the audience entertained and focused at anytime of the day (and night!) The  way he fosters engagement is a public speaking lesson by itself.

You can meet your own community

I’m part of Chris Ducker’s Youpreneur gang (btw, big thumb up to Chris who won the Influencer of the year Award). For us, attending New Media Europe was opportunity to cheer the ones speaking at the event, meet in real, and sharing our benefits… in our own “Youpreneur” way.

My partner in crime Kelly Baader and myself organised a closed meet up (Facebook live included!) Our power mastermind session got each of us on a 6 mins hot seat, where everyone brought their minds together to provide feedback and accountability.


NMEU sketch designed by my talented buddy Laurens Bonnema

Our Youpreneur Speakers’ list

Ian Anderson Gray (Seriously Social) – Tools to Boost Your Social Media Effectiveness

John Colley – Growth Hacking Udemy

Colin Gray (The Podcast Host) – Innovative Podcasting Panel

Janet Murray (Soulful PR) – Get Big Media Coverage on a Small Business Budget

Mark Asquith (Podcast Websites) – Creating a Website That Actually Converts

Tony Lee Brown – Systemise Your Way to Success

If you’re still not convinced you should head to NMEU 2017…


Let’s review the value bombs each influencer dropped on the first day!


Dan Miller

Dan (48 days) opened the day with an inspirational keynote about letting passion matter first. Can you imagine Dan built his first business when internet was not live yet! Through real-life examples of the entrepreneurs he coached along the years, Dan encouraged everyone to be brave and seek for our zone of genius. He reminded us that social media are tools to connect with your audience and spread your message… but insisted that building face to face relationships is equally important.

His wise words…

At the intersection of
Circumstances | Academic background | Expectations of others
is Obligation

At the intersection of
Passion | Money | Talent
is your Zone of Genius

“Your zone of genius happens past your limits, your limits being the borders of your comfort zone”

Valerie Groth

Valerie delivered a powerful message we all tend to forget: it all starts with you! Using a sultana, she brought the audience back to the “now”. Then, she insisted on the importance of blocking the time to take care of ourselves, be it to rest, connect or think strategically through all our ideas. She ended with a clear path to nurture our full potential by being brave and taking action every day.

Her wise words…

Have a routine for your start of the day | Craft your environment so that it supports you to achieve your objectives |

Be bold and take action.

“Spot what you tolerate and understand how it limits you in achieving your objectives”

Phil Pallen

Phil energised the whole room with a honest and humorous speech about the importance of your brand in a digital world. He introduced a few clients’ successful stories and deconstructed the process towards achieving their re-branding. How does he do it? He takes his clients’ personality & core values and turn them into a consistent business message.

He ended with the why of social media, and what were his preferred platforms:

  • Twitter: deliver a short and powerful message
  • Pinterest: show other people how you can resolve their problems
  • Snapchat: connect personally with others


His wise words…

1 sentence is all you have to pitch your brand.

“The best online branding is recreating the in-person experience as closely as possible”


Pillar Orti and Lisette Sutherland

Pilar and Lisette were all about virtual teams. They spoke about their tools of choice to get the connections as close to reality as possible. They shared their experience with the 2 platforms they use to maximise the live interactions within virtual teams:

Sococo as a virtual co-working place
Blab to host regular workshops and conversations

Their wise words…

People love to be part of a group even before the broadcasting experience begins.


Durin Gleaves

Durin (Adobe Audition) reviewed in detail what “media” was all about. He dropped through provoking stats and real perspectives for each platform.

His wise words

By 2019, 60% of the world will be connected through mobile phones. It’s a fact no one should ignore.

Podcasting is the new FM radio. Logically, the future is consumption through car apps.

69% of all consumer internet traffic will be video by the end of the year.

Steven Picanza

Steven (Latin and Code) rocked the stage addressing entrepreneurial myths with 0 compromise. His bold talk was the perfect refresher about why we do what we do as entrepreneurs, and how tactics can drive us to procrastination instead of action. He insisted on the danger of building a brand that is not aligned to your own self. Finally, he concluded inviting everyone to experiment with no fear of failure, as it’s the best way to make an impact in a fast-changing world.

His wise words…

Be embarrassed by your first product | Launch fast. Fail fast. Adapt even faster.

Your brand always starts offline.

“Make sure your core values match your day to day as a human being & your internal beliefs match your actions”


New Media Europe brings together podcasters, bloggers, vloggers from all over the continent. With the explosion of digital media, it’s the place to be if you want to grow your Business in “the internet of things”.

Are you coming next year? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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