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Wish you had the antidote to procrastination? 

Ready to turn around your negative self-talk

and get the confidence to act?

A free crib sheet for YOU to put an end to procrastination

Confidence + Self-Leadership = Action


The reason why you feel stuck and can’t move forward is simple: 

you give too much air time to your inner critic


But there’s a simple way to address your negative self-talk!

Understand why your brain 

doesn’t like change


What to do to 

unstuck yourself


The one thing you need

to create yourself a choice



 I help people lead before they quit. That’s what I do.

Hi! I’m Coralie,


For years, my job has been to help Financial Institutions transform their businesses from the inside out. Simply put: to change the way their people worked in complex, international and challenging environments.

That’s how I learned that to make a positive shift in the outside world, you need to create the right conditions in your inner world.


I am also a yoga teacher, which is another fascinating way to explore how you can change your body and shift your perspective on life at the same time.

Both showed me that to move past your limitations, self-leadership is essential. But it’s intensely personal. It’s to get real about your relationship with yourself, so that you can tap into your inner resources when you need it the most.

This is what I can help you with.

Your turn to LEAD before you quit! 



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