If you don’t get real about who you are,

How can you lead yourself?

If you don’t lead yourself,

Someone else will.

Welcome to my personal platform!

I’m the founder of Yoäg, a wellness travel company designing yoga breaks for its community of inspired yogis


Here, I share the story of that beautiful journey. Expect conscious leadership inspiration and hands-on advice to help you take the lead with confidence



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Take the lead with confidence: self-exploration


I learned how to make leadership work for me one step at a time.

This is how you can do the same!

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Take the lead with confidence - Coralie Sawruk

I believe leadership applies to anyone, managing position or not. 

I am the founder of Yoäg, a (great!) company that provides unique well-being experiences for elegant yogis. 

Founding a company is a huge leadership journey. One that taught me that before you make a positive shift in the outside world ; you need the right conditions in your inner world. 

Leadership begins with getting real about your relationship with yourself. Something only a handful of people talk about. 

Here, I discuss personal improvement, team leading, well-being inspiration, emotional intelligence… and what I know about showing up at work with humanity, intention and determination to get results.

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