Welcome, Periscopers!

I am on Periscope weekly (usually, it’s on Fridays)


Those broadcasts are for YOU. I share my stories and the quick wins I learned in my Business journey.

If there’s something that worked for me, it should work for you too!

What do I talk about? Beating self-procrastination, being a healthy leader, what is a good personal brand, being motivated or even save money…

And that’s a unique opportunity for YOU, too, to ask me questions directly!

What to do NOW?


1. Download the Periscope app on your iPhone or Android

2. Find me in Periscope (@CoralieSawruk) and FOLLOW ME

3. Go to Twitter and FOLLOW ME there too (@CoralieSawruk). Why? That’s how you’ll know we’re about to start ; and that’s a great place to ask your questions. I will answer them in the broadcast.

4. Have fun. Always.


I will see you soon!