If you don’t get real about who you are,

How can you lead yourself?

If you don’t lead yourself,

Someone else will.

Lead with confidence

Build trust in yourself | inspiration in others

Lead with heart

Yoga  | self study

Lead others (corporate offer)

Building change makers  | risk takers



When you need to take the lead, do you know how to move past self-doubt?

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Hi, I’m Coralie

coralie sawruk

I believe anyone can develop the confidence to take brave action when situations, ideas, people (or all together) get challenging.

I come from a professional change management background: I helped Financial Institutions transform their businesses from the inside out. I blended experience with the latest thinking in neuroscience; being myself exposed to wise leaders who became my own mentors.

They taught me that before you can lead others, you need to lead yourself.

I also teach yoga, which is another great way to explore how to take the lead! I help my students to be fit in body and achieve their inner job of emotional excellence. 

Both showed me that leadership is intensely personal. It’s to get real about your relationship with yourself, so that you can build trust in yourself and inspiration in others.

This is what I can help you with.